Toro León Green Chile Stew: Classic NM style
-Marinated roasted pork loin, roasted Hatch green chile

Grampo's Taquito: Our families favorite
- New Mexico red chile ground beef, pinto bean, parmesan, salted warm corn tortilla

Sloppy José** (NM classic stuffed sopapilla)
-Made-to-order classic warm sopapilla, ground beef or shredded chicken, refried pinto bean, smothered w/ green chile stew, shredded cheese

Green Chile Cornbread
-Family recipe Hatch roasted green chile infused cornbread

Chef Christopher and Chef Michael are self-taught from growing up in their grandparents kitchen, to fine dining kitchens across the country.  Being from the “Green Chile Capital”, they took this amazing food for granted because they were unaware of its rarity outside of New Mexico and southern Colorado. The love and admiration for the dishes and foods that their family have prepared all their lives is the driving factor in their decision to bring this food to the Pacific Northwest. 

"Chris and I are excited to bring such a unique and flavorful cuisine to this side of the country, and cannot wait to share our families recipes with you.  Enjoy!" -Michael

Here's just of a few of our dishes...

​To be Announced...

​We are very pleased to announce that we are in the process of acquiring a kitchen to begin our exciting new "Pop up" restaurant!  Details to follow...

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